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Paestum day trip

Paestum day trip

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You should not miss the Paestum day trip

History of the town Paestum was founded bv Greeks around 600 BC
At the beginning was called Poseidonia. since lt was dedicate to Poseidon (the Roman Neptune), The god of the sea. Ln 400 BC. it was occupied by the Lucans. an Italic population.
The Lucans ruled it till 273 BC., when it became a Roman colony and was called Paestum. The fall of
the Roman Empire meant also the decline of Paestum. As a matter of fact, around 500 BC., since the mouths of the rivers running in the plain were silted up, the whole area became quite unhealthy.
Malaria had already spread all over the place
and even the built up area became marshy. Consequently the population
gradually left the town. In conclusion, such a disaster was caused by the deforestation of the nearby hills. We must admit, however, that these magnificent mins were preserved by marshes and Woods, which prevented them from being destroyed and ransacked for many centuries. Paestum was discovered just by change in 1752, when they were building the modern road cutting the ancient town into two parts.

In very good shape the temples of Neptune, the Basilica and the temple of Cereres. Very interesting also the museum who contain the famous tomb of the diver.

Cilento Massif; the waters of the four rivers running through it between Battipaglia and Agropoli make it a well-irrigated and highly fertile area of land. So herd of buffalo in their natural habitat near the temples of Paestum. And the local farmers making traditional mozzarella from Buffalo milks. And during the visit of Paestum is possible visit same buffalo farm and testing the local cheese

You can combine the Paestum day trip with part of Amalfi Coast tour: From Positano or Sorrento you cold visit Amalfi, Ravello and Paestum. From Naples you can combine with Pompeii or Herculaneum